It is said that nothing which has not been documented really exists and that bringing home a digital proof is part of every experience. Sunsets, concerts, relationships, everything meticulously preserved into our infallible memory unit.

Is technology a strategy to disembody ourselves? We can affirm that social medias, internet, civil aviation, astronautics, the telegraph, railways, the invention of the wheel are expressions of an ancient urge to emancipate from ourselves, to get out of our body, escaping the constraints of space and time.

The contemplations on the alternative forms of existence aren’t a new wave of thought that came with technology, in fact these existed for hundreds of years. The first of these contemplations root in pagan spirituality, ancient religions and various forms of beliefs in “the other”.

Humans have always been keen explorers of the possibility of there being another form of life that is not known to us, the souls living multiple lives, or a parallel reality to the one we are living.

If that is true, we’ve all had previously, or once before, been someone or something else.

This fictional story is a dialogue between the past and the future, told through an imaginative and symbolic representation of memories and found objects.

stylist Marie-Therese Haustein 
hair Yoann Fernandez
make up Manu Kopp
casting Lisa Dymph Megens
talent Alice at Bloom, Roe at Platform, Kuany at The Claw, Mia at Lulu