Olya Oleinic is a photographer, self-described as a product of both East and West – born in Republic of Moldova and now based in Amsterdam.

Her work is characterised by the global ground it attempts to cover, a search for definitions of cultural normalities and with it, oddities. Driven by own affiliation to being a third culture kid, her intention is trying to assemble a bigger picture of the world.

Her practice is non-intrusive and her interest is observational. She sees herself as a collector of day-to-day impressions. Put together and diffused through the prism of her vision they get transformed into stories, recreating the encounters. Olya is intrigued by definition and play of truth within the photographic culture, the possibilities of telling a story, without a necessary notion of being a part of it.

Often mixing different mediums, she tends to direct her work into becoming quite stylised and constructed, within images themselves or their placement within the larger context. She aims to create work that is visually associative, based around a specific idea, but often malformed to differ from its original shape.

selected exhibitions:
// Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art in The Hague, Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Unseen, Unfair

selected publications:
// Zeit Magazin, Nataal, i-D, Garage, Foam, Ordinary, Cactus, Dream Magazine, Tank, Metal, Prestage, Bon, Dansk, L'Officiel, Odiseo, Glamcult

selected clients:
// Raf Simons, Nike, Nikon, Fred Perry, Adidas, Calvin Klein, OAMC, Converse, ING, Bugaboo, Herman Miller, ...staat, Random Studio, NRC next, Central Museum Utrecht, De Correspondent, Olaf Hussein, Ontour, Constant Creative, Maison the Faux

for inquiries:
// hello@olya-o.com