Olya Oleinic 
photography and other things 

based between London and Amsterdam

selected exhibitions:
// Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art in The Hague, Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Unseen, Unfair

selected publications:
// Zeit Magazin, Nataal, i-D, Garage, Foam, Ordinary, Cactus, Dream Magazine, Tank, Metal, Prestage, Bon, Dansk, Odiseo, Glamcult

selected clients:
// Raf Simons, Nike, Nikon, Fred Perry, Airbnb Magazine, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, ING, Bugaboo, Herman Miller, ...staat, Random Studio, NRC next, Central Museum Utrecht, De Correspondent, Olaf Hussein, Ontour, Constant Creative, Maison the Faux

for inquiries:
// hello@olya-o.com