Between the Shades of Sun

Last time I went to South Africa things seemed very different.

Covering a time period of a few months I spent in Cape Town the past winter,
this body of work is exploring that knowingness of being an outsider in a foreign land. It’s a practice of my method of observation rather than intrusion.

Presented as nondescript portrait of a place I put it together as a collection of images documenting what I found around, deliberately forming an impression rather than chasing factuality.

The decision to go somewhere with a return ticket carries the implied, conscious decision of a temporary encounter. A brief contact followed by departure. In this, all one can attempt is to create a tangible memory.

Cape Town, ever so bright, freckled in smiles, still is a city of fundamental polarities. Vivid history, lush landscapes, diligent minds and countless social issues, right now undergoing one of the more dramatic water cataclysms of the last decade.

Zooming into the details and abstracting smaller parts of larger scale pictures, my im- ages link back to the underlying and untold stories of its subjects. I walked the streets collecting small moments that put together, paint a picture of Cape Town the way I saw it those days.

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