styling - Sk Tang
hair and make up - Ka Ho Cheng
cast - Andy Lee, Silver Poon and Bobby Yushukpui
all clothing - Marrknull

Sheung Wan Sensei is a travel story shot in one of the Hong Kong local districts and built upon the feeling of modern day sensory overload. Layers of local coloured and textured materials are seen as backgrounds to the characters dressed in creations of Wang Wei and She Tian, founders of contemporary Chinese brand Markknull. The spirit of the designs concerns the edge of the Chinese culture and it’s marginal groups. Being adept at integrating multiculturalism in clothing by innovative deconstruction, they pay attention to structural changes in clothing. With their extreme pattern making and silhouette, they express their unique views and perspectives of the society, breaking the limits of gender. They hope to show new youth culture through the expression of conflict and contradiction in clothing, breaking the tradition and expressing themselves.